Positive reinforcement, always.

CCC proudly partners with select local positive reinforcement trainers in Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Bucks County.  Because these trainers are familiar with our requirements and what we look for in handler/dog teams, they are well-equipped to prepare you for your certification test. 




K9JYM is the largest indoor dog training center for canine sports in the region. Our 18,000 square foot facility provides the ideal environment for training, exercising, and having a great time with your dog  in a fun, safe, & exciting indoor gym.

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Philly Unleashed

Philly Unleashed is the proud home of the best dog trainers in the Philadelphia area, all of them with their own unique specialties and talents!

Philly Unleashed’s training team offers a combined 35 years of experience in dog training. We think that each and every one of our trainers are pretty amazing, and we’re proud to introduce them to you!

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Opportunity Barks

We use practical, modern, humane and scientifically proven methods. This means we never do (or coach you to do) anything that would cause your dog pain—or to fear, mistrust or be intimidated by you. We stand by this, even for the many challenging cases that come our way.

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Deb Lipartito

Deb uses positive reinforcement training techniques, including clicker training, to teach and reinforce the desired behaviors in dogs.  She uses only pain-free, humane methods.  Deb believes training should be fun for both the dog and their guardian in order to achieve the best results.  By teaching people how to communicate clearly with their dogs, coaching them on how to build a stronger bond with their dogs and showing them how to get their dogs’ cooperation without using physical force/punishment, she makes training more fun and effective.

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Dentler's Dog Training 

Jeff Dentler grew up with all sorts of pets, but nothing compared to his love for his dogs. He has been inspired by dogs his entire life and has owned and trained them for over 30 years. 

In 2013 Jeff graduated from Kutztown University’s Canine Training & Management program, where he learned his science-backed, force-free, positive reinforcement-based training techniques. The program, an intense 17 module, 120 hour curriculum instructed by world-renowned canine and feline ethologist, author, and trainer Susan Bulanda, prepared Jeff to embark on his professional dog training career.

In 2015 Jeff took his Certified Professional Dog Trainer exam and passed with a 91% efficiency rating. Jeff is also a current member of Comfort Caring Canines! 

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