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Donating to CCC has never been easier. You can now quickly submit your donations online via PayPal. Just click on the link below and your donation can be completed in minutes.

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You can now support CCC just by shopping Amazon Smile. You will benefit from the same low prices and your Prime account benefits. When you shop using Amazon Smile, a percentage of your sale is donated to CCC at NO CHARGE to you.

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  • Volunteers not only give of their time but assume all associated costs related to visiting including gas, dog treats, and CCC branded dog vests.

  • Donations allow us to offer ongoing training events at no charge to our members ensuring we have the best of the best in our communities visiting with those in need.

  • Donations allow us to have printed material available for handout at events which are essential to driving membership. Every week visit requests go unanswered because we do not have enough members to support the demand.


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