It all starts with a little love and time.

Comfort Caring Canines Therapy Dogs Inc. (“CCC”) is a dedicated group of volunteers who share the love of their certified canine companions with others in their community. CCC dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and visits range from a simple exchange of smiles and wagging tails to obedience demonstrations and tricks.


We are a non-profit organization who does not charge for visits nor do we focus on fundraising.  We are supported by high quality members/handlers and through annual membership dues, testing fees, and donations. 


We visit community nursing homes, child care centers, schools, hospitals and senior citizen centers in the southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware area.


Volunteers decide where and when they visit. Evening, weekend and daytime hours are all available.


      When therapy dogs visit a healthcare facility, senior center or a school, they can…

      • Calm a hyperactive child or stimulate a withdrawn patient or older adult
      • Provide a welcome change from daily routine
      • Help to relieve loneliness and depression
      • Facilitate conversation and interaction
      • Lower a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate
      • Stimulate minds, lift spirits and spark memories
      • Create some fun!

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