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Making of a Therapy Dog



Please print the following:

Membership requirement form.pdf contains a printable version of the information on this page

CCC registration form.pdf Fill out required information and bring with you to the evaluation


Therapy dogs must be at least one year old, well-socialized, non-aggressive and immaculately groomed. They must be licensed, current on all inoculations, and have successfully completed basic obedience training. Handlers must be at least eighteen years old, attend an orientation and make two visits with current members. The handler/dog team must then pass our two-part test.

Remember, we are evaluating you and your dog. You must have your dog under control at all times during the evaluation.

Part I of our test evaluates the dog's temperament and reliability in the type of experiences encountered on a regular visit (exposure to other dogs, walkers, wheelchairs, etc.) Part II verifies that the handler can control the dog through a demonstration of basic obedience skills, including a 90 second sit/stay and 90 second down/stay.

Once those criteria have been met, the handler/dog team may register with Comfort Caring Canines and proudly wear the Comfort Caring Canines Registered Therapy Dog tag.

Members Receive...

  • Special ID tags
  • A million dollars of liability insurance coverage
  • A network of volunteers and established schedules for visits

Our Evaluation Process...

  • Requirements for evaluation:
    • Must attend orientation - check Events for next orientation date
    • Must go on two visits (without your dog) with two different people who are currently members of CCC
    • Your dog must be one year of age
    • Your dog must have completed a 6-8 week basic obedience course (for information on obedience training and what is a proper obedience course, go to the AKC website: Obedience We require at least a basic class, puppy class is NOT acceptable. For a list of local obedience classes, click HERE)


  • Bring the following to the evaluation:
    • Copies of current vaccination documents: rabies & DHLPP
    • Copy of dog license
    • Two 1"x1" pictures (head shot) of you and your dog (for ID card)
    • Proper leash and collar
    • Copy of obedience course certificate
    • Fees for testing:
      • $20 for each dog tested (pass or fail)
      • $22 membership fee
      • $5 membership fee for each additional dog
  • Remember:
    • No treats permitted during testing
    • No pinch collars or anti-jump harnesses
    • If more than one family member will be visiting with dog, they must all test for obedience. Only one temperament evaluation is necessary.
    • Temperament is pass/fail. Decision by evaluators is final.

If you have a specific question or would like to attend an orientation, please email us...


Usually orientations and evaluations are offered three times a year (fall, winter, and spring). As dates are scheduled for these events, they will be posted to the web site. For a most up to date listing, please refer to our events page.

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